Liveseuranta: NHL Draft 2018 (La 02:30 & 18:00)

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1 Buffalo Sabres
2 Carolina Hurricanes
3 Montreal Canadiens
4 Ottawa Senators
5 Arizona Coyotes
6 Detroit Red Wings
7 Vancouver Canucks
8 Chicago Blackhawks
9 New York Rangers
10 Edmonton Oilers
11 New York Islanders
12 New York Islanders (from Calgary)
13 Dallas Stars
14 Philadelphia Flyers (from St. Louis)
15 Florida Panthers
16 Colorado Avalanche
17 New Jersey Devils
18 Columbus Blue Jackets
19 Philadelphia Flyers
20 Los Angeles Kings
21 San Jose Sharks
22 Ottawa Senators (from Pittsburgh)
23 Anaheim Ducks
24 Minnesota Wild
25 Toronto Maple Leafs
26 New York Rangers (from Boston)
27 Chicago Blackhawks (from Nashville)
28 New York Rangers (from Tampa Bay)
29 St. Louis Blues (from Winnipeg)
30 Detroit Red Wings (from Vegas)
31 Washington Capitals
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Rasmus Dahlin :sweden: varataan numerolla yksi.

Kuvaus eliteprospectsissa:

Dahlin is a smart two-way defenseman who can play in any situation. He is a terrific skater and stick handler who can rush the puck, or join the attack in a hurry. Impressive agility makes him a good one-on-one defender. He has fine passing ability, and although not a big-time bomber, he has an accurate shot from the point. Not one to shy away from the physical game, Dahlin is an accomplished open-ice hitter. A young player, he must learn when to make the simpler play. Adding more weight should help him in board battles and around the crease.

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Rasmus Dahlin ja kaljakellotus The Rasmusin kunniaksi, pahaa teki.


Toivottavasti ensi kaudella kestää katsella.

Andrei Svechnikov :ru: varataan numerolla kaksi.

Kuvauksia mynhldraft sivutolta:

Svechnikov has a consistent and competitive power game that gets the puck through checks and to the net with speed and skill. He’s able to create and finish scoring chances in a timely manner and quickly established himself in the OHL as an offensive impact player.

One scout who watched Svechnikov play said he already looked like an NHL player. The Hurricanes need to add offense, and the 6-2, 188-pound wing is the best forward in the draft.

A power forward with great offensive instincts, high-end skills, puck control and a fantastic shot.

Blend of skill, sense, power and drive that reminds me in style of Marian Hossa. He’s a factor in the game in all areas and will be in the NHL next season.

OHL Rookie of the Year is quite an honour considering he played in just 44 regular season games, or roughly two-thirds of the season. He can impact the game in several areas. He has size and is incredibly dedicated to the craft.

Although it’s highly unlikely Svechnikov leapfrogs Dahlin to be the first name called on draft day, his goal-scoring abilities are on par with the likes of Alex Ovechkin and Patrik Laine, only Svechnikov is more reliable defensively at his age.

Physically ready for the NHL, Svechnikov blends world-class finishing ability with hard-nosed and defensively responsible play. A goal scorer who can impact the game in all situations. Terrific blend of speed, power and precision.

Jesperi Kotkaniemi :finland: varataan numerolla kolme.

Kuvaus eliteprospectsissa:

A smart forward with a dangerous shot, Kotkaniemi possesses a high hockey IQ and determination with the skills to back it up. Positions himself well and often seems to be a step ahead of plays. Stickhandling and creativity allow him to split professional defences as a teenager. Decent size and frame, yet a very capable skater.

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Nyt sitten treidejä kehiin, tylsimykset.

Brady Tkachuk :us: varataan numerolla neljä.

Kuvauksia mynhldraft sivutolta:

He’s a complete package who can be impactful in every situation, with and without the puck. If you need a goal, he’ll go get a scoring chance. If you’re protecting a lead, he’ll be responsible defensively. If you need someone to go in there and throw their weight around a little bit, he’s a guy who steps up. He seems to rise to those occasions."

The son of United States Hockey Hall of Fame forward Keith Tkachuk and younger brother of Calgary Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk. In addition to holding his own offensively, Tkachuk brings an intense and gritty style of play.

Tkachuk can dictate and control the play with his speed and physical attributes. He has the size, hands and ability down low to create matchup problems, and revels in high-pressure moments."

Has the skill and will to be a strong contributor in any type of game and in all situations. Makes teams and those he plays with better."

All of the elements are in place to become a producing power forward who is responsible enough to play in all situations. Oh, and he’ll be good at drawing the opposition’s attention, too."

His last name may be synonymous with hard-nosed play, goal scoring and pugilism, but this power winger has great vision, an incredibly soft set of hands and anticipates puck travel better than any of his draft-eligible peers. Brady is both quicker and more disciplined than brother Matthew or father Keith."

Had an adequate season as one of the younger players in the NCAA, but his lights out World Junior showing moved the needle for many. His hands are soft, his shot his heavy and he plays an abrasive, pro-style game.

Barrett Hayton :canada: : varataan numerolla viisi.

Kuvauksia mynhldraft sivutolta :

He had a plus-24 rating, won 49.9 percent of his face-offs and is used to playing against the opposition’s best. He might not be a big scorer in NHL, but he plays a complete game and likely will develop into a valuable top-nine forward.

Hayton (6-1, 190) knows where to locate linemates as a natural playmaking center; he had 60 points (21 goals, 39 assists) in 63 games this season. He has great hockey sense, can play the power play or penalty kill and is projected to transition into a solid two-way NHL center.

A complete centre who plays the game with very good skill and has an outstanding feel and sense for all situations."

Continues to improve on a daily basis, he has undercover skill and is world-class when it comes to character. He’s a top-15 pick all day, but is helped by a weaker centre crop."

Hayton is a heady two-way center that drives opponents batty with his rapid directional changes and ability to thread the needle with his passes. His straight-line speed probably is the one thing preventing him from being talked about as a lock for the top five, but Hayton checks every other block. "

Improved speed and strength has been the noteworthy traits in his draft season. Quality release, good vision, quick hands, and can play centre or wing. Is very well regarded in his own end."

Zadina, teitkö Jagrit haastatteluissa?

Filip Zadina :czech_republic: varataan numerolla kuusi.

Kuvauksia mynhldraft sivutolta:

High-end skilled forward with excellent playmaking ability. He has very good vision, excellent anticipation and exceptional natural instincts. Possesses strong puck skills, a quick, accurate release, and looks to shoot. He is committed to playing a two-way game."

A sharpshooter with good size (6-0, 195), he can change the course of a game when he decides to take matters into his own hands."

He’ll go to the tough areas to generate scoring chances and is a dynamic goal scorer with a quick, accurate release."

An elite scoring winger who is dangerous from the circles down and competes to score inside the dots. "

His innate ability to score goals is translatable in that he knows where to go to get into scoring position. Zadina has pro bloodlines and answered every task asked of him all season in a variety of events."

This Czech sniper consistently has been the best player for his teams in both league and international play. Zadina is a complete player who is a danger to score no matter the situation."

Uses his size and strength to create space and then delivers electric moves and finishing ability. He’s absolutely lethal from the circles down. A tireless worker who loves the big stage

Quinton Hughes :us: varataan numerolla seitsemän.

Kuvauksia mynhldraft sivutolta:

Quintin is a smooth-skating, mobile defenseman who carries the puck very well and can transition from defense to offense with his feet or by making a pass. He reads the play very well and uses good positioning and the use of his angles to defend. Projects to be a top-four defenseman in today’s game because his skating and puck skills."

His ability to control the game far exceeds any questions about his size (5-9, 170). He’s a dazzling skater and puck-handler with a hard, accurate shot from the point."

A prototypical offensive-defenseman, Hughes is a strong skater with good poise and puck skills. He can play at any pace and rarely is overpowered by bigger players. He’s also started to understand how to be more effective in all three zones."

Smooth skating defenceman has the calm, poise and mind to be a well-rounded contributor and play significant minutes."

There’s no denying his play with the puck. He has power play QB potential because of elite puck poise and puck-moving abilities."

Hughes had an outstanding season as a freshman for Michigan and was a key cog in the Wolverines’ march to the Frozen Four. He’s quick, nimble and passes the puck with authority, and his size (5-10, 170) doesn’t prevent him from out-muscling bigger forwards in the corners."

A consummate playmaker who boasts the elite speed needed to thrive at his stature. The youngest player in the NCAA this season, his confidence has been building all year. The best skater in this class and a one-man breakout machine

Adam Boqvist :sweden: varataan numerolla kahdeksan.

Kuvaus eliteprospectsissa:

A dynamic offensive defenceman that can carry plays with the puck on his stick. A highly mobile and nimble skater that moves with fluidity, balance, and confidence. Utilizes an active stick and creates turnovers frequently. Could be more proactive in his own end, but has shown progression in understanding lanes and reading unfolding plays; most of his best defensive work comes through the neutral zone, as there is a lot less time and space to work with, and it is in those moments that Boqvist shines.

Offensively, Boqvist is electric; he has the toolbox of a top line forward. Slick puckhandling ability paired with excellent vision and positional awareness makes him a dangerous threat every time he is on the ice. He also takes advantage of the attention and bodies he draws towards himself in creating space for teammates. All-in-all, Adam Boqvist is a complete offensive defenseman who knows how to get the puck from point A to the back of the net, and can make it happen all by himself.

Jokiharju - Boqvist
Keith - Seabrook

Vitali Kravtsov :ru: varataan numerolla yhdeksän.

Kuvaus eliteprospectsissa:

A big, skilled winger that can play up and down the lineup and provide scoring in a number of roles. He brings grit and physical size, but could be more assertive in throwing his weight around more. Displays excellent speed on the rush and in zone entry, but could backcheck quicker. Plays well in his own end and takes away lanes. Very good hands and awareness. Kravtsov has the potential to develop into a staple top six forward that can produce at the next level.

Evan Bouchard :canada: varataan numerolla kymmenen.

Kuvaus eliteprospectsissa:

A highly intelligent all-around defenceman that plays with poise and can shift the pace of play in a multitude of ways. Showcases smooth four-way skating ability and loves to get involved in all situations - especially when that situation happens to be an up-ice rush. Has a polished offensive skill-set which includes well-timed passes and a sneaky, erratic shot. Goes with the high percentage play and makes smart decisions. Could work on strength behind his shot. Defensively active, cutting off lanes and always staying in excellent positioning. Reads cues well in all three zones and seems to stay a step ahead. All-in-all, a well-rounded defender with great hockey sense and work ethic.


Oliver Wahlstrom :us: varataan numerolla yksitoista.

Kuvaus eliteprospectsissa:

A sensational scoring threat, Oliver Wahlstrom is a fierce competitor that preys on weak play. He exploits gaps in the neutral zone; his positioning allows him to carry the puck forward immediately or shift up and into stride off of an outlet pass. He promptly takes easy lanes away from the opposition along his own blue line, but could stand to be more proactive defensively. Offensively, he might be described as uncontainable: the confidence he has in his individual puck skill, paired with a high level of thinking, makes him a difficult cog to take out of alignment. He is able to create opportunities for himself, as well as teammates, out of nothing; this, in turn, translates to energy on the ice and in the building as a whole. All-in-all, Oliver Wahlstrom is an instinct-driven hockey player gifted with the size, skating, skill, and smarts that coaches yearn for.

Noah Dobson :canada: varataan numerolla kaksitoista.

Kuvaus eliteprospectsissa:

A talented two-way defenceman that can play in all situations and stay productive. Uses his edges well and is, for the most part, a very smooth skater; however, as he gets stronger and adjusts to a more up-tempo style of hockey, he will need to work on his speed in gap-closing. Offensively, he utilizes his keen sense of awareness to be in the right spot at the right time, every time. Soft hands and a deadly shot accentuate his ability to get creative, on occasion. Rock solid defensively, his strong positioning severely limits time and space for the opposition. All-in-all, a well-rounded, reliable, and consistent defenceman that can log a lot of ice time and provide his team with a stable presence on the back end.

Isä kuulemma otti toisen työn sen takia, että poika voi pelata korkealla tasolla jääkiekkoa.

Ty Dellandrea :canada: varataan numerolla kolmetoista.

Kuvaus mynhldraft sivutolta:

Underrated center that made the most of his opportunities despite having the misfortune of playing for a doormat. Dellandrea can score in a variety of ways and uses his size to protect the puck extremely well. He was Flint’s go-to guy in every critical situation, so it’s no surprise he likes to model his game after Jonathan Toews.

Joel Farabee :us: varataan numerolla neljätoista.

Kuvauksia mynhldraft sivutolta:

But what separates Farabee (5-11, 164) is his speed, combined with a high hockey IQ and a quick-release shot that produced 33 goals this season."

Farabee, a two-way puck mover with outstanding vision, plays a hard game in all areas of the rink. Committed to play at Boston University next season, he’s earned praise for his passing, hockey sense and compete level."

Excellent sense with very good skills and he can play in just about any spot in your forward group in all situations."

Perfect combination of work ethic, production and character. He will have to add to his slight frame."

One of the more opportunistic forwards available, Farabee is a quick-skating offensive force who served as Team USA’s captain. You’re not going to find many teenagers who exploit turnovers better than this Syracuse-area native, who this year combined with Wahlstrom to form one of the USHL’s most lethal duos."

Slight and slippery, he feasts on oppositions with his vision and his finishing ability. Great skater who works tirelessly in all three zones. Needs to add strength but does all the little things that make players successful. Can hurt you during all situations.

Florida jatkaa Venäjä linjalla draftissakin :+1: #15 pickillä Grigori Denisenko. Laituri.

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