Tappara in England tongue

Looks like it that some members speak guest tongues. In this new chain you can example say what you always want to say to outland people about Tappara. I transport some messages from chain that touches Korhonen’s tackle to Zaborsky.

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Blackstar on selvästi kielimiehiä. " Mitä on ulkona, tai tuo näyttelijä kutsuu sinuakin idiootiksi"

Piti vähän kelailla tuota, ennenkuin aukesi…

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Kova meno noissa kommenteissa. Ollaan lätkäenglannin ytimessä. Muutama kuitenkin puuttuu joukosta, joten voisiko joku käydä pudottaan tuonne “buttermilk in legs” ja “raining jam”. “Ketchupbottle” ja “filming” on jo mainittu, että siltä osin “thing is in good tola”.

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Entäs legendaarinen “day by the”?

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@tomaszaborsky67 how you think next will happen now? buss of leki? how now feels when u gets monkey away from back? what u think about hitted’s responsipility?”

Joku someguru saa käyttää.

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Voisi Porin linguistikko myös kuitata Tomakselle, että “But rocks in pocket. We had suckesful roppery trip”

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My 50 cents. Very well that this case goes to discipline holding organ, but probably Liusjärvi won’t have eggs to give enough penalty. Most important thing is that that hit didn’t cause serious damages. Over and out.

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Allright, first message here which made me laugh out loud (= lol, should never be used anymore, old and so-not-cool).

I can already say that

(Hopefully posting cat pictures is not banned here; if it is I’m sure that one of the moderators will delete my message).

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Nice opening @rizka! Easy like coming from Sokos doors.

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Battleaxe is very traditional team with lots of history. A coach called Mr. Wilderness brought the culture of work. Every axeheart know what is “I want stairs”. Mr. Wilderness also has a beautiful daughter who is famous skill skater in Finland.

But from a thing to flowerpot, how is Redneck of Erkki doing in Switzerland?

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I am borrowing Mr. Ironwilderness: “Lets forget this game, we go to forward.”

I think he is still throwing a few pens every now and then. He is also his teams golden helmet. Some familiar players are behind him. Like Gagnon we know from Rauma’s Lock.

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Everybody who fit pack themselves to hall when Poleaxe hits to old model.
Hammers click again to detonators and robust shots are exploding.

We are trying the championship of Finland. Its nothing new to Poleaxe.
Accuracy and portion of crookedness, already opponents rucksack rips.

Poleaxe is steel. Poleaxe is steel. Second ones come faraway behind.

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From one flowerpot to another: seems like Brother-Matt Mudwoman is staying at Jugra, for now at least.

Oh well, an old joke is an old joke.

Edit: added one missing “a” letter.

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But no joke is no joke. Keep throwing more flaps. We need humour like @Nuti above since Tappara is in defeat pipe and it seems we’re ready to throw gloves at the counter.

So much throwing.

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I wonder what Mr Jay Ironwilderness thinks about this current lostpipe.
Maybe he thinks that it doesnt matter beacuse everybody kills anyway.

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There is no two without the third. :kannu:

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Somebody is allowed to continue twisting the rest of the support song to England.

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My Bauer bat went thousand pieces of pussy.

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