Tappara in England tongue

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Yes, it’s very Finnish thing to press our heads to a bush. Like Mr. Goodman sings, “Let’s put brushes to the sand and mittens to the nail, nothing else helps here.”


Oh my ruis what a ketju! Many rememberings from extensiontime discussion site. But lets do new beginning now and no remembers of history.

Here in Battle Axe site we no like speaking offroad-topic in tackling chain where Willy Smith from Aces hit our Slovaque historic paint maker to up body. That hittings are no part in Finland ice disc sport. You pay big price when hitting other people and no following rule. Very good working @rizka that you made this chain happen now.

Let’s come to tonight plays in FEL. HAAC is ice discing against LYNX LYNX and there happen great plays. In one period, Olympic-Otto made kahvara to some HAAC guy and sit a punishment in bench. HAAC painted on that over force. In next period LYNX LYNX guy Eddie Finland also over force painted. Markku Tulva and BR Lion #79 vol. 2 helped before Finland paint.

In asshole of Finland Turku Ball Club is leading KK. Oh shit what a name for a ice disc club. There has been painting Tom Rock and Mike Grass, also Michael Longy has painted for KK. Oscar Little Uncle have 17 blocks and Johnny End of River 19 blocks.

Speaker in watch radio speaked that Turku Ball Club have no by game today. Lets all hope that Battle Axe will no have by game in Friday when Hämeenlinna Ball Club comes to Hook Forest.


We should ask from Pat Blacklake if he could sing Me and Battleaxe man in english. With the words Finlands longest haired bald man Juice Widower made in Finnish.

I heard there is some song that mimics Me and Battleaxe man. They say band is called “Sensational Alex Harvey Band”. But I think that is some cheap copy only, nothing sensational there.


There was quite a bit of throwing there for a moment, indeed.
Anyhow, I’m not going to throw gloves to the counter or an axe to a well.

I like Mr. Goodman a lot. At the moment, I’m gonna keep my brushes and mittens also.


Brilliant coverage :smile:


I think, that our strongess is midplace trap. We should put bullets in that! Now our backs try putting too hard feeding to attacker who is too far.

Btw, Here’s a riddle. what did Admiral Akbar say, when he tried to go through Tappara’s midfield defence?


Eddie Finland? Sounds like mature entertainment star. Maybe relative of Tom of Finland?? Spektators can toss this massage with red flag…


Mr Allyman used to put the disc to the over grandmother


It’s a trap! Not very much good trap this year, opponent has lots space. They come and our guy spin like cowberry in pussy!


Oh no… it’s the Lynx Lynx of Tampere being inappropriate!
They must immediately change the name of that player.
That name does not fit English tongue at all.


You know, my manpover is paint guard match


I’m not sure of this but: you cannot win if your player does not have the stick and skill to send the disc in to the paint which is guarded by opposite paint guard?


Mature entertainment star in your pants. HAH! Eddie Finland is shithard LYNX LYNX gold hat guy and make two paints tonight. I dont see how Finland two paints happened tonight but maybe one old-fashioned and one hit shot to lower grandma.

Oh, one question come to my head. Do you know how Jeremy Top makes paints happen in Aces shirt? By top pencil.


I’m glad that we have so good underpowerplay player as Jukka Peltola.
Unfortunately we have also not so good overpowerplay player, he name is Juhani Jasu. So I hope that Juhani will find right bus station to LeKi. And I hope that everbody understand one thing If he some reason lost himself in LeKi, I will take him in my car and I will drop him back to the Hookforest.

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On saturday afternoon we will meet Arttu Happyhill again when Rauma’s Lock is coming to our home. Lets hope that game is better than against another west beach’s team Pori’s Aces.


It seems than you may have not understood the point of the Tappara in England tongue -thread.
Maybe you should move to the Jukka Peltola and Juhani Jasu -threads (?) I don’t know?

In this thread, we discuss about for example topics as these:

  • Who is Eddie Finland?

  • What did Admiral Akbar say, when he tried to go through Tappara’s midfield defence?

  • Offroad-topic in tackling chain where Willy Smith from Aces hit our Slovaque historic paint maker to up body. That hittings are no part in Finland ice disc sport.

  • How is Redneck of Erkki doing in Switzerland?

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Downstairs of defense is maybe longing for such a landlord which would take care that near the paint there were only sleeping places for opponents attackers.


I think Arthur Happyhill is on the insulteds’ list.


Arthur Happyhill was indeed insulted.
Therefore, Happyhill will not play anymore during the year 2017.

Maybe Happyhill was a subject to a hitting, which are no part in Finland ice disc sport?
I have no further information about what type of insult took place, when and where.


Why do some bark Vertex after his return back to Aces in a milk train?