Tappara in England tongue


My dream is to see Jason Rivermouth in Tappara.
Very very big player… Bus of Leki is too small for him.
Gives big kisses too. We need more nuts between legs.

Meybe we miss our powerforward Mr. Twin.

(Linden#16) #42

Tappara Assembly:

#49Dom Holebooze
#30Chris Hellconcretecompany

#33Brothermatt Snatchill
#52Ozzy Beachrock
#13Walt Kemihabitant
#78Nick Michaelshouse
#4Mike Grovers
#23Alex Lifehill
#15Tony Haze
#9 Alex “goofy” Forrestman

#71Chris Christmastree
#81Jay Fieldman
#44Jan-Michael Lakes
#68Joe Islet
#42Oscar Peaceman
#61Joe Jazu
#20Nick Ditchhill
#17 Theo Grass
#11 Matt Lakes
#23 Jerry Livestockland
#67 Tom Zabster
#92 Sebastian Fox

Coach: Jay Ironwildnerness, Marc Ditcthes,
GK Coach; Peter Underlands

(【ツ】) #43

There is also the new boss of Jay Ironwilderness called John Blacksausagefactory who led Tappara and fans meet at the showerwell two times. Good golden parties after couple of sad Silver toffee years…

(Linden#16) #44

And one positive thing is that we dont dress up no longero gamingshirts with chichen pictures anymore no more.
Brother Theoren was very comedy about those.

But brother Theoren -a big NHL stargamer back in those days acted up a really frozen cool ventilation when he killed the Tampere Cats @afterworkhours ! Oboy it had emotion. Helmet, hockey club and allmost eggcups went flying… those were the times.

(「LIVE IS LIFE」) #45

-Yellow bottom begins- This is icediscreasony conversationcountryarea in which is expected conversation about icedisc! -Yellow bottom ends-

How do you do countryareacomrades? How you think is Lacce Little Cock be in Lori Berryhill’s Lions in Pjongjang? What about Toby Icedisc 2.0? He is my favourite icediscer. Olumpic-Oswald is sun’ssafely in the platoon, from my mind.


Who remembers this landlord/janitor type of player Markus Fabric’sbutt? He was known for giving only laying places in front of the goal.

(Mikko) #47

I really miss our former starplayers who plays behind puddle, Henry Aspenie and Patrick Wave. They both were key players when we won two Canadian Goblets. If we want to win The Boy again we need good paintmaker, just like mr. Wave was when he was the best player in the drop games and won the Jerry Skimmed milk award. That teen boy can really shoot the disc straight from the feed.


I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned the legendary battleaxe #10, Tim Wolfe, in this chain. His shirt is frozen in the roof of the Pastureforest icehall. He did many paints with his infamous flip-shooting. They were usually fed by equally legendary #12, Eric Littlegrove. Enemy paintguards were powerless when these two were on ice and the disc found its way into the web countless times. Annoyance, that contemporary attackers don’t spend flip-shot, although I’ve seen Patrick Wave spend it a twice or thrice.

(AJL Tappara-veikkauksen 16-17 voittaja) #49

I miss Dick Thatvon, he was a briljant player!

(***) #50

Ice Disc is my favorite game, but I hate handle disc, chute discs and long discs. In addition i dont like players who are playing pig. Tappara has always played skill disc.


But always remember that Jazu is very good beginner!


Of course, especially Patrick… he can solve games and shoot into the shoe box on high speed. He can also cover heading of his shoot so that paintwatch believes he is shooting into other uppergranny while he shoots into another. He also shoots directly from skating.

Alex Silentdog (*) is a strong player too. He is now carrying the team, playing big minutes, has plus points even on underpowerplay and is the czar of faceoffs.

Regarding our ex-players I would like to see Skid “Joker” LeBlade back some day. He is not now exactly “flying”, but he is not having the blues, either. He would still be an amplification for us.

(*) this opens better when you think how his great-grandfather would have spelled his name.


Dibs on the Song! Tonight and tomorrow I will be tripping very long, but Saturday before the Lock game I have time. Might be worth the wait.

Some tasting on the Chorus, though:
“Battleaxe is made of steel / Battleaxe is made of steel / other teams are lagging far behind”


Do you think we’ll see a carrot trouser make paint with air crank this term?


Who is the latest air cranker?


Reading this thread gives me headhurt.


Hello guis. What do you thinks about our maybe best offensive deffencive mr Bear BeachGary. I thiks he is most time great with puck, but sometime hazardous with defensive area passes. Still I really like his playing style. Only one thing worries me is what is going on with his upper lip he got something nasty over theer. It look like mustaches, but is it so? Really, I tri to observe in west beach playingcard game. Still I dont know. What do you think?


“Everybody who fits stuffes to the hall
Tappara is hitting old model…”


No no, this year only passive officer disc. All painters under executing and no skill disc.

My favorite song part:

Black sausage, dark bread and milk gives you scary wrist bang.


Stop, you are leading me to temptation to use this… just wait and see.