Tappara in England tongue


Please also use- Me and the Tapparaguy-, singed by Pat Blacklake


In Battleaxe, we have had many central attackers who can paint and make some dots.


Our best kid Sasha has gamed for the local Battle Axe club according to Florida Panthers
"Fans will get to hear as Mikko describes the similarities between each of their games, including video of Barkov’s father when he played for the local Battle Axe club."

(【ツ】) #64

Mark Fabric’sbutt is very multitalented player. He can staple opponents on the wall. He can also swing his left and right volleyball-bats very fast and he is very accurate swinging them against to the opponents faceplate. He seriously can give spades all the opponents…

(No joo. Kova peli.) #65

Tonight Battleaxe must believe own making. If there is no good place to open, play disc to own head.

(Benjamin Kuoppala) #66

Old but good tactik is throw long to the end and then go rear


Hope that zebras takeaway handgrip disc.


Doesn’t it hurt when you play disc to your own head? (Sorry little flap…)


You are talking about driving-dog disc, right?


Battle Axes best driving-dog was Mr. Aspen.

(【ツ】) #71

Handle- and lianadisc are very common old tactics in Hookforest icehall. Delaydisc is the tactics of champions.

If you cannot paint or make any dots for a long time… You should check If there is a monkey sitting at your shoulders.

(Benjamin Kuoppala) #72

And when the monkey drops off your shoulders, many times it opens a heinzbottle


Also in the 90´s there was the burned land tactic of legendary coach Randy Wilderness.
Sometimes the opponent also has good tactic, like south-carelian piss-end-disc. That was used by Gotland Ball.


Was this a flap?

(***) #75

When you are playing downpower, it’s better only to throw long puck. When resistance shoots, you must put ice on cover. Our captain is good for this.


Mites Haapalasta (oletus) kääntyy Mr. Aspen?

En tiedä pitäiskö perustaa tälle ketjulle ihan oma rinnakkaisketju missä vois kysellä tulkkausapua epäselville jutuilla vai “pilataanko” tää ketju näillä kyselyillä, mut menkööt nyt tällä kertaa tähän.


You mean put body to soak?

(***) #78

Yes,yes. And lot of jumpsuitworks.

(Mikko) #79

Metsähaapa eli haapa (Populus tremula)
“Populus tremula, commonly called aspen, common aspen, Eurasian aspen, European aspen, or quaking aspen --”

  • Wikipedia


Don’t confuse aspen with pointpen, which is something talented players do with the tip of their icedisc racket.