Tappara in England tongue


Sometimes a policeman tries to give a little kiss from behind a tree. Then the divorce judge must tell him to sit for number two.

(🌴🎅©) #82

Yes, and then if someone comes massaging gloves to policeman face, divorce judges give dooms of Salomon. I hate those eggless porridgepantzebras.


They have personality of squirrel!


You found Nemo!

(No joo. Kova peli.) #85

Nemo once said, if you want pizza go to pizzeria, if you want paint go to paint store.

E. But Nemo wasn’t paint cannon.


It came to my miele… when opens sparkchain again? If Mickey has gone to shops…we need good workvole to middlelane…


And also sometimes if divorce judges miss a clear ice or give easy ice they try to even things up by whistling a patching ice.

(Mikko) #88

Hmm, I checked some old Battle Axe player’s contracts and this hit me in the eye: Peter Bruinhouses contract at Locomotive finishes this season. Could Mickey bring “The Toad” back home already in next season?


”The Toad” would be exactly what the doctor describes to Battleaxe.


Yeah, Battle Axe has plenty of good piers and nice set of reverses and paintguards are also playing well. But we need someone at the middlelane to

  • throw crepes,
  • make paint places and
  • sting pens.


Our King has left the building this spring. Master of elephant discs, total punisher at under power. Painter also, you can say that even blind chicken finds a seed sometimes.


You obiouvsly speak about the man, who can slide to the change with one kick.


Against Rauma’s Lock there’s no room for stupid own head game errors. One paint is enough if we don’t give paint to guest. I trust if we play our own game we can have needed places to make paint. After that we can always play turtle. Interesting to see who is paint guard tomorrow. I think Holebooze.


Yes, tomorrow it is one hundred years partygame and Holebooze will be in the cage as paint guard. May be one change is coming to the chains, so that Grass #17 will have to take some rest. Because after today’s game he may have some buttermilk in his calfs.
Otherwise I do not expect any chainlottery tomorrow.
Same players but different game.

(【ツ】) #96

When Battleaxe is playing against Oulu’s Stoats (or Weazels) you should always beware of Lars Lil’Cocks Horizontal Bats. The Divorcing Judges do not care to give The Punishment of Two.


Today Rauma Lock will come like angry hornet to Battle Axe end but Battle Axe must make respect to our ground one hundred birthday. Some principles:

  • Battle Axe must defend own head like our ground did in Winter War.
  • Battle Axe can become curve but no break.
  • In round two change travel is longer so when Battle Axe is beginning attack from own head they should try put some people hang out behind Lock defense line to get through drive to Lock paint.
  • If Lock makes angry attack to Battle Axe end must Battle Axe give back in same size.
  • Battle Axe must shoot upper and lower grandma. Middle grandma should be no shoot because it is stuck.
  • If Battle Axe win must Lock eat the black sausage and go forward.


Tappara always give opponent former head coach’s sausage


Oh man. Tuesday Battle Axe meets Chicago Pelicans. What kind of thoughts it wakes?


I hope Sebastian Fox punishes his growercompany with a couple of paints.

(***) #101

Chicago Gamecans has been quite bad resistance for Fox. Lets hope that now his wrist sings and networks are on screw.