Tappara in England tongue


The Battle Axe has also frozen a few game numbers. All of them hanging on the Hakaforest’s roof

  • Moornen 2
  • Berryhill 3
  • Juroom 7
  • Dikenen 8
  • Wolf 10
    And some want to design our mustaches in the statue of the square.


Sorry to keep you waiting guys, had to do some surprise work and was not happy with the Song yesterday.
Now less work next week, though.

But now: from here is washing. Actually is two versions. First with slightly better English, second more on England tongue.

It is aimed that both versions are singable, though is not recommended in general places. Thanks to @Nuti and @TeroJ, too; some were too good to pass.

The first one as next.


Now is the second one.


If peoples like, I will do “Me and Battleaxe Man” by Pat Blacklake, as suggested by @Zone16.
Might take about a week, because I have lots of goings coming.

E: there would be Mickey & Jack and the bus of LeKi.


Battleaxes playing is working out old model again. Mr. Cattlener was in flames in the last two games.

(🌴🎅©) #107

I agree. Jerry Karelian is very underrated player in League. He is a pathmachine who puts black to plasticbag with hard percent.

Another player that has been rolling in my mind is Casper “Cassie” Simonsjourney. Who knows if he will be another noblestone from Tappara kidmill?


How about “Battleaxe is” by Suncircus? :wink:


In Battleaxes next opponent, the big waterbird of Finlands Chigaco, have played many Battleaxe players in history. Like Pat Parker( not related to Peter) and Andy Narrowspaddle


I hope today pipe goes and attack head rally gives birth to paint places and we can put final touches on some paints.

(Henry Viktor) #111

?? What means that title: “England tongue”? Is it a joke, that tells us we don’t have a perfect English? We can’t write in English but try to use tongue instead of language? :sunglasses:


Yes exactly it is so said ralli england.

(Henry Viktor) #113

Raikkonen/Ahti Karjalainen-“English” with tongue towards cheek’s inside? Tuu tii tu tööti tuu… :grin:


Hello, first message on boards. It seems like the Hookwood’s Hasek plays as a Fat Salonen’s role at the moment?


-What do you call a bunch of young guys gathering together next spring and watching all the Playoff-games on television?
-They are called the players of Tampereen Ilves.


Own-invented flap?


No I saw it many seasons ago and those days that bunch of guys were watching Änäri’s dropgames on telly and they were called the Chicago Blackhawks in that old flap. Nowadays those indians play good and can’t be target of joke anymore so I put Lynx lynx instead. Actually I hope that new Ilves manages to become very well too in the future.


Ko. Facebook-päivityksessä on (jostain syystä) käännetty postaus suomesta englanniksi.

“Tappara ja Ilves kisailivat tällä kertaa kaukalon ulkopuolella. Liiga vei joukkueet Mysteeri Tampereen pakohuonepeliin. Mukana olivat Jan-Mikael Järvinen ja Aleksi Salonen sekä Riku Helenius ja Eemeli Suomi. Kumpi joukkue selvitti Mansen mysteerin nopeammin.”


“…race this time outside the trough. The League took the teams to the mystery tampere escape room. It was accompanied by and-Mikael Lake and aleksi salon and riku they and Emil Finland. Which team did the mystery of strawberries faster? Look at the third episode of league stories!”


It’s almost middleweek and KooKoo comes to Strawberries. It think Tappara will come back from it’s week long hiatus on rough raining jam.


A wise man said once: “You have squirrel’s icreatethey. You clowns owes us two dots!” And they still owes us the two dots.


Even wiser man said, or well, in self thing bidded: “Yesterday coulded look on video! Why not now could?! Yeah now need, hi, now need to shame, hi, bigly, hi! All saw what there happened! Egregious, egregious, it is only analysis!”