Tappara in England tongue


I hope Tony Misty gets more responsibility on wednesday. Now there is a square for taking.


This man haes goed to schools.


Today is endless snow job, but tomorrow is Machinegun game.

Hope the Blueorange will shout “Who wins” and the others will shout “Battleaxe”. It is great it.

(Mukahauska juttu) #126

I wondering, is Andy Ericsredneck in next EHT-tournament?
Ericsredneck really know how to kill time to spinning on corners. Somethimes he feed even he had open paint front of him.


Today is a game day, so it’s a good day. Hopefully. The “training stuckness” is long gone, and i hope Concrete starts in goal when he’s in form. But the Dominator will do as well, we have two great goalies! I’m going to “Hookforest”, on “top of the place”. Lets make this wednesday special! Oh btw, Beachgary should teach me how to grow similiar, glorious fishsticks (more like “amis” but lets not let it bother)

(【ツ】) #128

Have you ever seen “The-Field-Master-Special” -tricks?

“Field Master” is the guy who bends the boards behind the net a little bit before every game and make puck bounce strangely directly out in front of the net.

(Levtchi fan club) #129

Jared Karelian was a fantastic gift!

(【ツ】) #130

So was the contract with Withraw Calmplace :slight_smile:


Hmmm… may be you mean Debit Calmplace?
Tony Foggy, young defenceman, something to follow up!


J. Karelian is a natural gift. Not like the other famous singer J. Karelian, but this guy is very quick on his skates. He has a good game eye. When he see, that the black is on the way towards the enemy’s nest, he starts like the pike from the beach. Also, when he need to make some turns, he goes like the rally driver on the forest road and makes some slalom around the enemy’s kit.
It is so nice that he now makes 2 years continuation cardboard with us.


Curtis Hamilton healthy coming to Battle Axe company! Hopefully you can adjust in the team’s game habit and make some paint.

(【ツ】) #134

I’ll hope that the Curtis has ability to make the net sing at overforce -plays.


Lets hope that Curtis has a good play eye, and he do not sit on it. I think that he makes good pair with London Matt, and they will play good to the one. Sometimes even to the half two. If that happens, Battle Axe will be very long in the spring.


Hamilton was time good paint maker when he played in LaSaiBa (Lake Saimaa’s Ball). Let’s hope that he helps Battleaxe keep boy at home.

It’s too early to think about the spring, but I’m dreaming that we all can sing this song on April: “Battleaxe is a new Finland’s master, hey, Finland’s master, hey, Finland’s master.” I also want to go swimming to Middle market’s shower source.


Outland people understand better when you say Gotland instead of Lake Saimaa. Tappara’s head rival is GotBa in England tongue.

(「LIVE IS LIFE」) #138

Hello Kurre Cinckula and correct healthy comings to Tampere! We hope that you make much paints, because our paintmakers have keyboard instruments in their backs. You know, ketchupbottlephenomenon not happening. Except Western Jack’s (singer, singmaker) namesake Jerry. First you however have to go running in Will’s stairs to get good raining jam, some buttermilk into calves. If you not make paints, Overhandknot Little Strait writes that Battleaxe is in (The) rice, is flop and has cancer in the suitbooth. Maybe even someone drags his gamesack to Lynx’s suitbooth.


Thanks. My England’s tongue is time bad. Do you know what is Jukurit in England’s tongue? Men behaving badly?


I would say Jukurit = Stubborn(s)

(🌴🎅©) #141

Because Matt Lakeman and Curtis feel their seconds from earlier, they could play well to one, or sometimes even half past one.


I still don’t get why Battle Axe delivery leader ‘Microphone’ got a clean pier. Will we still see a new middle finger?