Tappara in England tongue


Thank you very much, Mr. Snare to the Armpit.
This was an excellent translation. I have been amusing this for a while. I hope that Kurre did not eat too much Cincku at x-mas. So that his legs will move quick, no sour milk there, and also that not any training stall will occur when Mr. Rearhair has forced him to train too much. I hope he will be a paint maker.


Today Battleaxe travels to Grainsvillage and play against Grb (ex Grainsvillage’s Ballers). Grb is one of Battleaxe’s head opponents.
Their paintguard John Strawrope has played good and he has made many ghost salvations.
Joshua Littlecinnamonroll, Jonas Littlepretty, Andy Swamp-paddle and Grb-legend Jake Oonmany’s are players who can sting webs on cone. Mick Sloping is their downstair’s biggest star.

One question is who are Kurre Cinkulas’ chain pals if Kurre plays today.


How do you do, londonese areabrothers! Tomorrow, clock sixteen on Finnair’s headoffice, Larry Berryhill publishes Lions’ icediscteam to Puycha… Asia. From Battleaxe i reckon Mike Little Grove gets maybe in club, also Nick Mick can, and boardattacker Johnny “Capteeni” Battleaxe. How you think will happen tomorrow now?


Crosschecking-Larry from Weasels for sure.


True maybe. Lars has a quotaspot.


Ironwilderness’s trainstuck-tactics work fine and not too many battleaxe players go to Asia.


How do you see other Weasel players chances? Julio Redneckplace should be sure but how about Michael Weedland and Mitch Primorsk?


Those names are possible. Fiftysixty. Most I believe that Redneckplace is such a weasel that goes to Asia.


I think that outland’s people want to hear something about Battleaxe’s history. I can tell a story of my first time in Tampere ice disc hall. It was year 1981 Battleaxe - Weasels last final play.

My friend’s father has bought three standing place flags.I was a Battleaxe’s fan already when I was a little kid. My friend was Battleaxe fan before, but Weasels was so good that he turned to Weasels fan. I think he was a coat’s translator.

In that time my favourite Battleaxe player was Jake Capitalist and my friend liked Weasels’ defender star Ray Swedish. Weasels won that play and they became Finland’s masters.

It lasted over 20 years before Battleaxe met Weasels in finals again. And that time in 2003 we won! Butter boys, it made edward!


There were also finals Battleaxe against Weasels in 1987 during Tappara’s triplechampion tube 1986-1988.


Thank you. I did not remember that we met Weasels in finals in those years.


From 1987 gold team I especially remember Battleaxes young stars David Littlemoorland, Jean Littleditch and Jake Sebastian. And very good paintwatcher Mark Matthewsson. Weasels’s Timothyisland lost the battle of paintwatchers sixzero.

I listened some games then from radio. Those days there was famous radioexplainer Mr Steam who explained the matches and told stories. Weasels won the third game only. Battleaxe won the series 4-1. That took heavily to my head back then. But better won. There was no knocking of nose.


Live from Vaasa, Bottom’s land: Jess Fart made home team’s first paint.


It seems like Hakaforest is endsold today! Henrik Aspenings comeback is going to be huge! The Saviour hasn’t played much this winter so he may not be the rainmaker from the first change. Still Knobbara must destroy Lynxlynx or I’ll throw my axe to the well.

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Fox is a very dirty player… Very dirty. Mayonnaise and TomHanksCastAwayVolleyBall are only exhausted and tired.

If Battle-Axe gives the opponent box full of Black Sausage after the game - do the Épée give some Fishcock?

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Great zero game by Dominik “Gapliquor” Hrachovina today. And our underpower play was impressive, KalPa’s overpower stayed in the pipe.

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St. Henriks playoff-beard is made of moose.

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Not worries in battle against Ball company without Ironwilderness

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Thomas Bringmeacoke is quite good Icepuck -coach, but Battleaxes Jay Ironwilderness is more serious.