Tappara in England tongue


Ice to see… will Wade Chemicals cannon again! This time against bears/ghost citys team tomorrow friday @ hookforests icehall. Earlier this autumn, the ride was too cold with them.

When theres overpower running , Mr. Chemicals is very good as waiter , specially in the line area.

Before game every respectable ice hockey fan should visit @ icecourt bar. Very good going there! You may see some local legends there, like Timothy Wolf.


Tonight MachineGun from Concrete City comes to visit Battleaxe to the Hookforest. Last time Battleaxe got badly to the back, so it is show’s place this night.

Battleaxe has three Small Lakes in its rooster. The medium-sized is defender, and the small one and large one play as centre attackers. The small one has also played as side attacker.

The small Small Lake is fast, but he almost always feeds and rarely shoots. He often makes a fake shot, but no one goes into it any more. When he finally shoots, more should go to the paint and put the ricochet into it. Battleaxe has had tons of bad luck with confirmation camps: the attacker is often close to the paint, but his bat is never where the discus comes.

Watch for the defensemen, too: are they waiting in dice-five or can they exploit the discus and turn fast “whipping birch in the sauna” -attacks and from it to the making of paint.

E. the end was bettered.

(***) #166

It was paints game again, but we won. Maybe we have also new number one paintwatchman.


Tappara winned as Tuesday and now winned again. We are in win pipe!


Win pipe is always better than loosing spiral


Tomorrow we’ll possibly beat Turku ball & puck club and have 3 (three) wins in a row.


I’m wondering that will Creekpower play two games in pipe. I think that his groins would be very grim. Also wondering would he be our first goalkeeper in coming plays. In next evening in Turku it will be very thrilling play. But we are going to win with above to three paints.